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All of my photos for your viewing are through Flickr. There are hundreds of photos.  If you want to send me a photo of your chosen cake style, I can price quote that for you.


The pricing page will give you an estimate of the price. Most of the cakes in the photos are priced at our $5.00 per serving price.


Here at Marsells even though we do fondant iced cakes we prefer to do the buttercream iced cakes. Buttercream icing is so delicious! Many of our cake photos that look like fondant are buttercream. We use an icing that stands up to the warm weather of weddings. If you are holding an outdoor wedding, don’t worry, your cake will hold up well as long as it is not in direct sunlight.


I have been asked to list flavors…I know that as soon as I list them, there will be one that gets forgotten, therefore I suggest that you imagine the flavor that you want and I can do it…Customer favorites are :

  • Lemon cake with raspberry filling
  • Vanilla cake with orange cream filling
  • Chocolate cake with vanilla cream filling
  • Carrot cake with cream cheese filling
  • Spice cake with cream cheese filling
  • Confetti cake with vanilla cream filling
  • Tuxedo cake with fudge filling
  • Vanilla cake with mango cream filling
  • Coconut cake with mocha fudge cream filling
  • *Lavendar cake with vanilla cream filling (our signature flavor)
  • Red velvet cake with cream cheese filling
  • Chocolate cake with irish cream filling
  • Snickerdoodle cake with cinnamon cream filling
  • Rose petal cake with vanilla cream filling



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